Topic: How to backtest the strategy in metatrader?

Hello all!

I recently found this and tried it whole day yesterday and was really impressed. Thanks to the developers of forex strategy builder and strategy trader.

I have developed a sample strategy and downloaded the forex strategy trader and connected to metatrader and everything is good.

But I would like to know if we can backtest a strategy in metatrader itself. I have started the "Strategy Tester" in metatrader and tried to run the expert advisor but it is just loading the graph and stopping there.
Can some help me with this?

Thank you guys in advance.

Re: How to backtest the strategy in metatrader?

footon wrote:

no you can't, you backtest your strategy in FSB as it is more precise.

This one advantage
Second it has protection from user errors (no walking-in-the-future-price, thing)
Third: it is Very fast.
We use only MT4 to download historical data and trade via MT4 bridge.