Topic: FST doesn't execute orders

Help , I cannot get Trader to execute an order onto me Meta4 Trading account.
Although all the criteria of the strategy are met no orders are executed.
New to this.

Re: FST doesn't execute orders

If the conditions are met, FST will send an order. The program will produce a sound and the operation will be logged in the Journal. After the order is executed from MT, another sound will be produced and the new position parameters will be printed in the Journal.

In order to understand what happens, check the FST and MT journals.
You can check order execution from FST by using the "Operation" tab.

Re: FST doesn't execute orders

The best way to check where is the issue with execution is to export csv from your broker's chart and run the strategy on FSB on that data, so you can determine whether it actually executed the trade on backtester , also don't forget that there are some conditions to build strategies so that trading will be the same as backtesting. check this topic : … an-in-fsb/