Topic: Suggestion - Close by Equity

I use a strategy that involves entering a lot of small trades and I would like to be able to get FSB / FST to close ALL those trades after a certain amount of equity is gained.

Some helpful close points:

Close by % Equity Gain
Close by Equity Gain Amount
Close by Total Pips Gain

I tried using account percent stop to do this, but it seems more geared towards limiting loss on loosing trades, rather then locking in profit on winning trades.

Re: Suggestion - Close by Equity

You can use "Stop Limit" or "Take Profit" indicator for closing at a certain profit determined in pips.
Also you can use the Permanent Take Profit parameter in combination with some other exit rule.

Unfortunately the options "Close by % Equity Gain" and "Close by Equity Gain Amount" are not available at the moment. But this are interesting and useful features. Probably I'll include them in the future releases.