Topic: Why is it free?

I guess I'm a little skeptical of downloading free software.  So I am wondering why this is free.

Re: Why is it free?

Welcome TradeHound,
Our teem started this project several years ago trying to find an easier and faster way for testing different logics and market scenarios.
At the beginning this forex tester was an excel spread sheet. After that we added a generator based on the Darwin principles, the Natural Selection, chromosomes mutations and the inheritance.
Two years latter we started from the beginning and the result is Forex Strategy Builder. We are continuing to develop it but we think it can be useful for other Forex investor also. It was never thought as a commercial product. We published it to the public one year ago and we receive every day positive feedback from our users. So we do not intend to change our vision about it.
We have plans for its future development and application, but it will remain free.

Of course if you do not like the free software you are FREE to buy several donation lots. smile

Re: Why is it free?

ok thank you.  I will try it out.