Topic: Data Horizon - problem with esignal data

I have exported data from esignal and correctly named it GBPUSD5, and placed it correctly in the "data" file location. The Forex Strategy Builder seems to accept the information OK. However when I try to use the "Data Horizon" to choose a date range this function does not work. The "data horizon" works fine with the test data that comes with the FSB, but I can not get it to work with the esignal data. The data in the attached file runs from 15 March 2010  until 27 August 2010. Any suggestions, or can you see any problem with my attached file?

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Re: Data Horizon - problem with esignal data

Data Horizon works but funnily it takes the Time records too strictly. It thinks that the year is 0010 instead of 2010, what is two thousand years ago.

I changed the date format from  03/15/10 to 03/15/2010 by using text replace in your data file. That fixed the problem.

Doing this be careful. Replace /10, to /2010, (including '/' and ',' in the search query) in order to preserve the other 10s.

I'll try to fix this in next release. Probably I'll use code like:

if (year < 100)
    year += 2000;
if (year > currentYear)
    year -= 100;

If you know better solution, please share.

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