Topic: Forced to test every candle

I am not sure if my setup is wrong, but I wish to get in the market on one condition and stay with that condition without adding any positions. The program tests every candle which I don' t want to do. Example: I get in bar closing when 2 exponential moving averages crossover with the close. The market is moving say 30 hours in that direction. The program forces me to trade 30 times, because of every new candle. I would like to get in once only and exit only with my exit strategy. The market did what it did for 30 hours with one trade, not thirty. I can't test 30 candles cause I haven't got that kind of money to trade that. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but anything I try seems to test every candle. I want to test my strategy with the candle getting in against the candle going out. Thanks.

Re: Forced to test every candle

There is only one reasons FSB to open a position - there is an entry signal - the price reaches the entry point and all the entry conditions are fulfilled.

FSB adds to an open position when there is entry signal (the upper is fulfilled) and the averaging is allowed ("Same direction signal" - Add)

In your case set the "Same direction signal" -> "Nothing". In this case no adding is allowed.
You can limit the number of added lots by means of the "Lot limiter" (sets the max number of lots) into an "Opening logic condition" slot.

We can explain more if you publish here you strategy. Menu "Strategy" -> "Publish". Copy / Paste the code here in the forum

Re: Forced to test every candle

Thanks. I will try that.