Topic: Account Statistics: Pls Help


I ran a strategy and it resulted in attached results. Can anybody pls help me understanding those numbers....

Why there is a diff in Sent Orders and Executed Orders... What does it really mean?

Where there are 284 executed orders, why there is only 33 trades which were won and lost....  what happened to rest of the trades........

Please try to help me understanding these.


Re: Account Statistics: Pls Help


When certain indicators trigger, it may send a "future order" simply called an order. That means the order is not active yet, but if certain condition are triggered (defined by the order parameters) the order will actually become a trade. Like if EURUSD is currently at 1.2000 then you may want an order that stipulates that you want to "Sell" when it becomes 1.3000. Therefore some indicators may open many future orders and only if the market moves towards its' conditions, will they actually become active and the "Executed Orders" stat will increment. Then when the trade closes (based on its parameters like stop or limit) will that contribute towards a win or a lose.

Hope that helps...