Topic: Allow user-range for Stop Loss / Take Profit during Generating

It would be great to see an option when generating new strategies in which range to allow the Stop Loss / Take Profit.

So for example one could say: "Generate a new strategy but allow the Stop Loss only between 5 and 15 pips and the Take Profit between 5 and 100 Pips". Currently it seems to use the range 5 to 5000 for both of these values.

Also it would be great to being able to have access to those parameters in the Optimizer without using the Stop Limit indicator as closing logic.

Re: Allow user-range for Stop Loss / Take Profit during Generating

I'm with you, geektrader, for this feature . I would love to see the range for SL/TP.

i will add this to FSB wish list.

These we can read from the README file:

Changes in Forex Strategy Builder v2.11.0.0 (January 16, 2010)

    * All Stop Loss values are positive numbers. Changed indicators: Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop Limit, Stop Loss, Stop Limit.
    * The minimum value of Permanent Stop Loss and Permanent Take Profit were changed to 5 pips.
    * The maximum value of all Stop Loss and Take Profit indicators were changed to 5000 pips.
    * Changed indicators fix for "jumping price". Affected indicators: Steady Bands, Bollinger Bands, Starc Bands, Keltner Channel, Envelopes, Donchian Channel, Moving Average.