Topic: FST on Windows Server 2003

I'm running FST on Windows Server 2003 and I had to reinstall it. This means that I have to manually copy the library and the MT4 Expert on my MT platform. No problem so far. The problem is that I can't delete the compatibility folder files mqlcache.dat and expert. They are easily found on Vista, but I can't find them on Server 2003. Could please someone giveme a hand to find them?  hmm

Thanl you very much in advance.

Re: FST on Windows Server 2003

why do you install MT4 and FST/FSB in first place, you can just copy them, they are executable. Let me try on Win2k3 server, I let u know. Have you tried doing advanced search? To delete files you need to stop MT4.

Re: FST on Windows Server 2003

Did you check
I have just checked Win2k3 and they are there.
What do  you need them for?

Re: FST on Windows Server 2003

Thank you fxwinner,

I just checked those folders and erased the files, but after copying the new files (dll library and EA itself), it didn't work. I watched the video explaining how to reinstall the EA manually, but it seems it only works on Vista.

I'm getting tired of so many problems with FST  sad . Clearly, I'm much worse that I should be when managing this program.