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Sorry I don't have much programming knowledge, how difficult would it be to create a custom Take Profit closing indicator with 3 different take profit levels? 

Having 3 charts open with different profit levels does not produce the same results as additional trades could open after the lower profit targets are reached.



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Look like a good idea
There could be several levels
And closure depends on the ratio of lot

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We consider including such function in next releases.

It is not possible to make this with a custom indicator. The indicators don't have access to the account and positions.

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Dear Popov,

Please add function of Trailing Profit Protection for the next release of FST.
Now I'm checking the difference if you use such function & if you don't use. And I found it is really good to have it in real trading to cut off the loss and protect your account.

In parameters, users set A the protection starting point (floating profit) & B percentage of the draw-down from the maximum floating profit. If the floating profit reach A, then protection starts & updates the maximum floating profit in real time. If the floating profit starts going down & if it reaches the B% from maximum floating profit, FST closes the position on the spot & take profit.
This function is very useful & good for protection in the real trading.

      Parameter A:  Protection Starting Point (FP)  50pips
      Parameter B:  Draw-down from Max F/P        20%

In this case after your f/p reaches 50pips, protection starts & updates the max f/p all the time. (if it doesn't reach 50pips, it doesn't start).
If f/p goes up, then renew the max f/p all the time.
Let's say if f/p reaches 100pips and starts going down, then it goes down to 80pips (20% of the draw-down from max f/p), then close the position.

Although you cannot take maximum profit, but at least you can get 80% of the profit at the moment.
I think the current market is not stable & easily get influence from the announcement of the economical indicators such as GDP, CPI etc. Even our strategy is correct and it starts making profit, but because of those factors our profits can disappear easily. We'd better have this type of profit protection function. I'm so sure that FST will be very realistic & practical trading tool.  smile

I wish FSB also have the same function as well to get optimized value for settings of parameters, although it cannot use tick data.
On FST, please put function to use tick data so that we don't have to wait until the end of the bar to take profit.

I'm longing for this function so much. Please help, Mr. Popov  smile

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This percen trailing stop looks interesting.

FSB interpolates bars pritty well. Anyway, we'll probably add a tick data backtesing in the program.

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Thank you so much!
I'm looking forward to it  smile
I'm sure many users will appreciate it.
If this is on FST, I will start the real trading.

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I will  star real  trading  to

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Has multiple take profits function been implemented yet?