Topic: More "Limitation" Criterias + Fitness Functions and other things


would it be possible to add some more Limitations, like "Minimum Percent Profitable" in the Generator?

Also some custom fitness functions would be great, e.g. for the "highest net profit with the most linear equity curve" instead of just "highest net profit" like it is now. Maybe even letting users build there own goals for optimization, e.g. weighting them. One could for example tell the Generator / Optimizer to weight "Net Profit" as the most important factor with 80% importancy and "Percent Profitable" with 20% importancy for the goal the generator / optimizers optimize for. This is the way Adaptrade Builder does it (similar product to FSB, but for Tradestation and not free, though I suggest to take a look at the user guide they have online, some functions it has could be very nice in FSB aswell).

Additionally I was wondering if there is a way to raise the "maximum" values of the build in indicators FSB optimized for. Currently for lengths / lookback periods a value of 200 seems to be the limit for most indicators. However, for 1-Minute-Bars based strategies that is to low. From other platforms and having build similar 1-Minute-Bars strategies there, I´ve noticed values of around 1500 as a maximum for lookback seem to suite such time-frames the best.

Thanks for listening and for providing such a great product!