Topic: Different Data in FSB & .CSV

I use FSB 2.12 & MetaTrader (Demo account) for export .CSV

I need to analyze my trading technique but I see there is difference in data .CSV
with data 'Account Statistic' in FSB.

The example, I start trading MetaTrader with 10000.
In 'Account Statistic' are written correctly that Initial Account its 10000 USD.
Account Balance in MetaTrader 16205 but in 'Account Statistic' FSB are only written 86.00 USD
and Balance without Charges are written 10052,00 USD.

Note in column 'Market Data' with transaction in MetaTrader also completely wrong.
I already updated .CSV & use M1 timeframe (EURUSD1.CSV)

Why its number so difference? or is it because that I didn't setting FSB correctly?

Re: Different Data in FSB & .CSV

Did you changed the parameters in FSB ? Go to menu Market > Edit Instruments...

Re: Different Data in FSB & .CSV

You have to be sure that the indicators you are using in the MT4 test are the same as in FSB. Also the EA must implement correctly the strategy of FSB.