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Is it possible to link the program to a real time quotes? Will be extreamly better .... I think.

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You are right.
Will be more comfortable, to work with real time forex quotes.
These are our plans for the future versions.
If, there is enough users' interest, we will continue to develope the program.
Your opinion is very important to improve the software.
Good luck and more pips profit!

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i am same wating to see  the real time quotes   , keep going

by the way ,  can it be use fsb to ETF ? how to load data? tks

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Forex Strategy Builder is a free project. Our dev team invests in it its free time and resources. Currently, the problem is to find a free service supplying not only latest quotes but history data also. When we find the solution, FSB will offer its full functionality.

In the future, if there is enough interest and if we found reliable data sources new instruments will be included in FSB.

Real time data are not necessary for strategy building and back testing. But they will make the real time signals possible. Will be big fun!!

If you have any ideas about new functions you want to see in the later updates, please tell us. Will be great if you can apply a formula, method, algorithm or source code.

Fill free to advise us how to improve the logic and the functionality of FSB.


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For those that have Meta Trader, you can export the data in Meta Trader via its export function, it is in the same place that you import historical data for Meta Trader.

Historical data is availiable for Meta Trader at fx company called "Alphari" {spelling may be wrong)