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I have a problem which I couldnt solve since very long time. I try to use FST on dukascopy mt4 platform. But whenever time comes to open a position, FST gives a warning like that: "Error in operation execution: Invalid stops"

My broker has 5 digits quotations so I made my 40 pip take profits to 400 pips and 100 pip stop/losses to 1000 pips. But even I added extra zeros it still says: Invalid stops.
Also it gives the same error if I want to execute an order manually from the "operation" section.
Is there a way to solve this problem?


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Re: Invalid stops

Sorry! I found the answer in this topic:

Re: Invalid stops

The problem is that some brokers don't accept stop loss and take profit when you open a new position.
In that case MetaTrader returns an error "Invalid stops" Cheers! What does "Invalid stops" mean? Anything but "SL and TP cannot be set instantly".

My best regards to the MetaTrader developers but they have to change the error message ASAP or to add a function for checking if SL or TP are allowed.

The only way one can check if SL or TP are allowed is to see the  New Order form. If SL and TP fields are gray, SL and TP are not allowed for instant setup.

The "MT4-FST expert" contains a list of such brokers. If your broker is not in the list, you have to switch on "Separate_StopLoss_TakeProfit" option when starting the expert.

If you want, you can add Ducascopy in the expert. Find SetBrokersCompatibility() function at line 1203 and add:

    // Dukascopy
    else if (StringSubstr(broker, 0, 9) == "Dukascopy")
        Separate_StopLoss_TakeProfit = true;

Re: Invalid stops

I added that code. Thanks Popov..