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I have manual tested this strategy (70% success rate) and wanted to check further back

The startegy is:
- Draw SMA(80)
-Draw a MACD (12,6,9)

For a sell
When the price closes below the SMA and the MACD histogram is lower than 0.02 sell
Set the stop loss to the High of the previous candle

For an exit
When RSI(9) falls to 30 (or lower)

Reverse for a BUY

Ive tried to work this on the FSB but just cant work

Any help appreciated



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You have to modified it to test on FSB because of MACD histogram.
I think the FSB team will add it into the next versions if you request it.

About the strategy, you can select "Opening point of the position" - "Bar Closing" and "Opening logic"
MA(80) - The position opens below the MA value (the position opens at "Bar Closing". It is equal to bar closes below the MA)

For MACD you can try something.

Exit point - "Bar Closing" (In order to use close filters)

Closing logic -  RSI(9) The RSI is lower then the Level line ( Level = 30)

Or Closing Point
Previous High Low - Close Long at the previous Low.

You can set only one exit point.

Ask more if you need!

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Not problem with the MACD Histogram. I plan to add several new indicators till the beginning of September.

To Nordic12

In FSB you can specify the market entry point into the first slot. It can contain an indicator that sets one entry price as: Moving Average, Bar Opening ... or two prices Bollinger Bands, Previous High Low ...

the same is for the Exit point, but using Bar Closing you can use close logics also.

I can suggest you this for you strategy:

[Closing point of the position]
Bar Closing
     Exit the market at the end of the bar
     Base price  -  Close

[Closing logic condition]
     The RSI is lower than the Level line
     Smoothing method  -  Simple
     Base price  -  Close
     Smoothing period  -  9
     Level  -  30
     Use previous bar value  -  No

[Closing logic condition]
Previous High Low
     The bar closes below the previous Low
     Base price  -  High & Low

In this case the closing is at the end of the bar, but only if RSI drops below 30 or the price drops below previous low. I think this is what you ask for.

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Maybe one should invite qualified mql4 programmers that can translate ForexSB strategy into MT4 EA to make known their service here.