Topic: MQL4

Senhor Popov

I would like to know if Mr. Popov also programming in mql4 to metatrader platform. I would like to transpose some strategy to metatrader. In case that I sent a strategy would be possible to transpose and case makes it how much would charge for transposed strategy ? Mql4 is something seemed c++ but I think that you must be informed of such.
I pretend analise some strategy before start to use it as an expert advisor.

Best Regards.

Re: MQL4

Hello Mr. Gomes,
The testing with MetaTrader gives excellent opportunities for a programmer. The difficulties are that additional indicators and logic have to be programmed for the special cases.

For me the spending time for programming a single strategy is not effective because of my extremely busy schedule.

Thus I can help you is to check the logic of your strategy to find the potential issues.