Topic: MT4-FST Expert.mq4 issues.

Here are some issues of the current version. Any ideas are welcome.

1. Expert doesn't stops after an error. After starting the expert makes a check of the environment: bool CheckEnvironment()
If the requirements are not met, the expert prints a message on the MT charts and "stops". Actually it goes in an "idle" state. I haven't found a way to unload (remove from the chart) the expert programmatically.

2. Expert doesn't load bars alone. If there is no enough bars on the chart, the expert stops. It cannot force MT to load more data. (There was a script in the codebase imitating 'Home" key pressing but I found it too clumsy.)

[FIXED] 3. No new trade attempt after an error. The program doesn't repeat a trade operation after an error. It reports the error to FST and misses the signal. A cycle with error checks should be added to the trading operations.

[FIXED] 4. Adding issue. FST works with one position only. It imitates an adding by closing the current position and opening a new larger. This is not good because we lose spread for the reopening the initial position's lots. (Currently Nick is working on a modification Averaging improved modification).