Topic: Fractional pip pricing error?

Hi there.

I am employing FST on my platform with FXCM (Boston Technologies). During auto order execution or manual order placement, MT4-FST Expert returns error code "Invalid stops".

I tested the same with another broker and execution is fine.
My guess is the fractional pip pricing featured by FXCM?

Your advice appreciated. Tx for a great program!!!

Re: Fractional pip pricing error?

Hi Mortiiy,
The problem is not in Forex Strategy Trader but in the new NFA rules. They forbids placing Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. That's why the American FXCM MT4 doesn't support SL and TP.

What I can offer you is opening an account in FastBrokers. They are also members of NFA but they are not going to change the MT4 behaviour in the foreseeable future.

Another option is transferring your accounts in the old Europe.

Re: Fractional pip pricing error?

Tx for the response Popov.

I did not mention that my account is with the UK branch of FXCM.
I do not know if the same applies as you pointed out in response.

My copy of MT4 does however execute SL and TP from other experts and scripts. If you have any additional thoughts on this, I will appreciate. If your answer applies the same, tx again.

As a matter of fact I did use Fastbrokers for the secondary test. Besides the fractional pips offered by FXCM which provide me with additional pricing resolution, Fastbrokers with their 2 pip spread over FXCM's 2.6 and immediate excecution, does make it an attractive offer.


Re: Fractional pip pricing error?

Try increasing the SL and TP distances. Please not that 50 pips in 4 digits quotation  is equal to 500 pips in 5 digits like in your case.

Another reason may be the SL and TP normalization but I think it works properly in the EA. Anyway, please test with larger SL and TP intervals and respond. Test also the manual trade execution ("Operations" tab).


I tried the MT4 from but it doesn't allow SL and TP. The drop down menus in the order's form where you select the SL/ TP prices are grеy.

Please send me a link to your FXCM MT4 with SL/TP allowed.

Re: Fractional pip pricing error?

Intentionally looking at the new order form's SL & TP selection boxes, I noticed it being grey with my copy of FXCM MT4 as well, whereas with the Fastbroker MT4 it is available.

Did not notice this before. You were right all along..... Good call! It helps to talk to the right people!

Looking at it from this point, I realised that all my orders are followed with modified SL/TP directly after the order was accepted.

I use a "trade protector" expert that applies my pre-designed SL/TP parameters for any order that appears on the MT terminal.

As additional measure I did attempt to increase SL/TP distances to compensate with the additional digit, but error unchanged. Same on the manual order tab. I must mention that I could modify SL/TP from the FST manual tab on an existing order. I therefore accept that the FTP normalisation is in order with my particular brand of MT4. 

I noticed somewhere else in the forum a user suggesting adding Money Management options to your already great software. If you find the time somewhere in the future to have SL/TP applied sequential to creating a new order, I would be sorted.

I am including for your reference, a link to the trade protector I use, courtesy of MQL4 Codebase community, author marcool.
Trade protector