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Hi everybody,

I have taken some time to get to grips with FSB and I thought I was on to a winner (silly big_smile
but the moment I put it in the FST it seems to work in the exact opposite direction ?

don't get me wrong here this is just as good as I can manually trade against the FST direction but then what's the point of trying to automate trades if I still have to sit here and close the first trade then open one in the opposite direction,

so I was wondering if one of you clever people could tell me how to correct it or is it a case of going back to the drawing board and starting over..


Re: it works but in the wrong way

Please attach the strategy and post some screen shots.
I cannot imagine how FST can execute opposite deals but lets see.

Re: it works but in the wrong way

Hi Popov thanks for your speedy response,

well I was off work today so I sat in front of my computer and tried to watch every trade and I think my first statement was not entirely accurate,
because I didn't have to wait to long before FST started to trade and I watched it enter a trade which made it to about 20 pips then turned around and hit my S/L and it seem to do this relentlessly to my

so I was thinking that I will have to either change my strategy by trying to get FST not to enter a trade until the opening of the second bar or change my T/P to a trailing stop instead.. "I don't know"

but today while I was watching all this unfold I started to check my trade history in MT4 and cross referenced it with the FST journal and was some what confused to see that FST had made a number of trades but none of them were in the MT4 trade history and some trades that were in the MT4 history were not in the FST journal,

see screen shot..

any way I've gone far to long with this post, but if you could explain what I would need to do to get FST to enter a trade at the opening of the second bar I would really appreciate it..


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