Topic: Multiple periods

I have a strategy that I would like to test in FSB, not sure if it supports it though.
it will require looking at a set of indicators to trigger a buy/sell only if they are confirmed for all  3 given periods.

e.g. get in position on if price >Moving Avg for daily, hourly, and 15m periods for the EUR/USD.

this is obviously possible for each period separately and can be compared manually, but would be of great interest if FSB could detect when all 3 periods OVERLAP and only then trigger a trade.


Re: Multiple periods

Use WTF indicators, look up the WTF thread in Technical Indicators section.


Re: Multiple periods

thanks, I see the thread at http://forexsb.com/forum/topic/2145/htf-fix-thread-discussion-testing-wtf-beta-series/

does WTF exist in the last stable version of FSB (which I use) or is it only in the Beta version?

Re: Multiple periods

Those are custom indicators, they're not in FSB version.
- download
- unzip
- move to (your machine's install folder)/Forex Strategy Builder/Custom Indicators
- reload in FSB through menu: Tools > Custom Indicators > Reload the Custom Indicators

No new WTF indicator issues on the thread since early June, they are mostly reliable as far as I know. But if you find an issue, please advise on the WTF thread, I'll try to fix it.