Topic: help needed in understanding static filter concept

Hope someone might enlighten me on this topic as I am having trouble understanding how these filters work, why they are static and can only be used for back testing
(stated by Popov in the Tech Indicators Forum, post "Export the Strategy as a custom indicator").

If, as in the user manual articles and tutorials, you created a strategy for determining trend of the EURUSD on a daily time frame and then export this strategy as a custom indicator.

Why cant this custom indicator be used as a filter in future trading, that is incorporated into another strategy and used as an opening logic condition.

For example, I might want to trade the EURUSD on an hourly time frame, but only opening positions in a direction consistent with the daily trend of the EURUSD.

The manual suggests to me that the static filter will not calculate the daily trend (in this example) going forward.

Have I misunderstood this?
Can the custom indicator be incorporated into and used in an expert advisor by Forex Strategy Trader?

Any help appreciated


Re: help needed in understanding static filter concept

The signals are fixed, it doesn't recalculate anything, so when you introduce new data to the static filter, it won't do anything because it has no saved signals on new data. And you can't use it in FST for that reason either unfortunately.

I assume you are interested in higher timeframe indicators which should be even available here in the forum, but I advise you to stay the hell away from those because they're not correct and fail epically. The creator hasn't been around for many months, so they just kinda layin here, if you know what I mean.