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Can you please tell me what I've done wrong here?  I downloaded historical data for EURUSD that came with my Metatrader installation and everything was working fine.  However, I wanted additional data so I went to the History Center within Metatrader and downloaded all available history for 1 minute through 1 month for EURUSD and then copied all of that data to the FSB data file.

However, now when I open FSB, I get a message that says:

Market EURUSD 1 Day
Defective till bar number: 56 - 6/26/1989 12:00:00 AM
You can try also "Cut Off Bad Data".  Maximum days off 62
The data is probably incomplete!
You can try also "Cut Off Bad Data".

I tried cutting off the bad data, but when I did that, I got another message that says:

Market EURUSD 1 Day
Contains less than 300 bars!
Check your data date file or the limits in "Data Horizon".

I get this same message on the 4H time frame.  I am not limiting the amount of data used in the data horizon.

I have no idea what I've done wrong or how to fix.  HELP!

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try this: use page up/down to download the data on the chart in MT, then File->Save as  Make sure you save it to FSB's Data folder with correct name and extension (.csv). Don't use the history center, and you should be fine.


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I tried that but it did not work.  I only used the History Center to download additional data into MT4.  I then the procedure you described to save to FSB and I still got those same messages.

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even after reload it gave you the error?

post a few lines of that data. or maybe the whole file?

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Yes, it happened even after I reloaded.  Attached is the 1 day data file.  I also have all other time frames if needed.  Thanks.

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This data file has 15 days gap between 2010.10.15 and 2010.11.01.

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Thank you for noticing that.  I'm not sure why that gap exists.  I tried downloading it again and the same gap is there so there is obviously an error in that file.  Is there any way to get FSB to ignore that gap until I can find a complete historical file??

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You can switch of the "Market" -> "Check the Data" option.

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hi Popov,

Where we could be find the missing data please ?

Gap exist on dukas, fcm etc...