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Uploaded Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.10.1

FSB Pro can import MQL4/5 Experts exported by EA Studio.

You can import one or multiple experts by drag/drop over FSB Pro or by using the "STRATEGY" -> "Import EA Studio expert" menu.

Have fun and Trade Safe!

Re: FSB Pro v4.0

Uploaded Forex Strategy Builder Professional v4.0 - Early Access

The new version comes with 100% Experts and Collections import from EA Studio.

Added also "Min Profit Factor" to Acceptance Criteria.

I still need to finish the corresponding MQL code for the new indicators. I'll provide it as an automatic update.
I'll make an official FSB Pro v4.0 release on Wednesday if everything is fine and the final MQL code is complete.

Re: FSB Pro v4.0

Amazing! I’m definitely gonna download tomorrow night and give it a whirl!

Very happy for the min profit factor addition to the acceptance criteria.

There’s too much exciting stuff happening at the moment, between express gen and fsbpro 4 along with all the new improved cross comparability with Ea studio and the custom indicators, I just want to take a week or two off work so I have loads of time to play with all the new things haha.

Re: FSB Pro v4.0

Hey Popov,

Loving the new FSBPro with the profit factor.

I have a request that would be good to get implemented at some point. (or maybe there are some shortcut keys I am not aware of).

After I have generated a collection and then run through the multitester etc, I am left with a collection often of say 30 or so strategyies that I then scroll down and manually remove the ones with equity curves that dont look good to me.

However, everytime I click the x to get rid of a strategy then I automatically have to start at the top of the collection and scroll back down to where I was to start pruning further. It would be great if somehow when I deleted a strategy in the collection that fsbpro did not do this, would make it much faster to clean up the collection manually.

Everything working great so far though :-)

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Re: FSB Pro v4.0

Its not that big a deal of course as FSBpro does keep the position highlighted so its a quick scroll down to find where I was, just a nice to have a some point when you get the chance. I know you have a long long list of exciting things to work on that is way higher priority :-)

Yeah definately scrap that last request Popov (unless its very quick and easy to do of course :-). It really doesnt cost me much time to scroll back down in collection

Re: FSB Pro v4.0

> However, everytime I click the x to get rid of a strategy then I automatically have to start at the top

This is a known UX issue. However, it is difficult to fix it now because it requires rewriting of the Collection holding user control.

I'll leave this fix for a better time.

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Re: FSB Pro v4.0

Hi Popov, yeah it’s not a big problem at all. If it requires a large effort to fix then no doubt that time better spent elsewhere (like in developing express gen ;-).

So far fsbpro running smoothly although I haven’t had the chance to fully use it yet. Hopefully will be generating a bunch of EAs with express gen this weekend and then pulling them into both EA studio for some robustness validation before finally then bringing into fsbpro so that will be awesome to see everything linking up nicely!!! :-)

Re: FSB Pro v4.0

Anyone else seen this? Problem is on my end, right?

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