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I have purchased the product "Ultimate Pack" from At the beginning, I was surprised that there was nothing about the learning videos in the confirmation email or on the homepage.

About 2 days later, I got the login details from eatradingacademy. I could not log in with the data at "" either.

Logging in is not possible and resetting the password is not possible either.

I wrote an e-mail to and described the problem. 2 days later I got a new email from eatradingacademy with old login data.

I tried to log in with 2 different browsers, unfortunately without success.

I then registered under a different email at eatradingacademy forum and also asked there. For 22 hours I have been waiting for moderation from an administrator.

What is going wrong there please? Who would be the right contact in my case?



Re: Login to eatradingacademy

Hey, it's the one Petko is doing? Try emailing him directly, maybe then there will be quicker reaction, email is:

Re: Login to eatradingacademy

Hello Achmidius,

Thank you for your message,

I resend it to Petko. He will fix the problem soon.

Re: Login to eatradingacademy

Hello Achmidious,

Sorry to hear you had trouble logging in to the website.

I checked the e-mails and saw that my team answered you on the 1st of May, and you did not reply anymore.

More, if you registered under a different e-mail and did not let us know, there is no way that we would know that this was you.

Please, check your e-mail, and if you still experience issues, let my team know, and they will help you.

Petko A

Re: Login to eatradingacademy

Hello Petko,

i checked every day under different emails (2) and did not receive any other emails. There is definitely something wrong.

Today I received an email with a new password. Logging in now works without any problems.

Today I checked again under 2 emails in the spam folder and didn't see any emails either.

Thanks anyway. Now it works.