Topic: what means this error ???

hi, could you explain me...why when i try to load data appear this message..

"Market EURUSD1 minute
maximun of days off 62
the data is probably incomplete
you can try also cut off bad data "

i would thx your answer  cause, having some similars problems with data...

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Re: what means this error ???

It means that there is a hole (white space) in the data. In that case, bars for 62 days are missing from the data file.

The program suggests you to switch on the "Cut Off Bad Data" option. It is located under the "Market" menu. Doing this, the program will cut all bars below the data hole. A better solution will be to repair or cut off the data directly in the offline data file manually.

Re: what means this error ???

yes..but..why appears that,  the data seems to be complet
Im trying to charge it from alpari , ....

what should i do not have problems with this anymore,

Re: what means this error ???

First you can delete the data form the MT History Center (Shortcut key F2) and to reload it from the chart. If the gap appear again, it means that the problem is in the data feed. You may found what is the date of the gap and to cut it by using the "Data Horizon" dialog window of FSB.

Re: what means this error ???

well... its really rare..cause......Im not the only with the problem....
some person has told me that ..he´s had  the same problem.....with the same missed data
"62 days" is that a simple coincidence???  why the same number ??

I think its an error in the software......however..i will try to do how you indicate ..and we´ll see smile

Re: what means this error ???

To make it easier, first activate "Cut off bad data" option and see what is the starting date / hour of the data. This info is shown below the symbol / period dropdown menus.
After that open your .csv file in an editor and check the data for that date.

If there is something other on the data file for that date, please report.

"62 days" is that a simple coincidence???

I'll check that code.

Re: what means this error ???

I found out that the program counts the gap by subtracting the day of year of two consecutive bars. This is not correct since both bars may be from different years. In that case the program will show the days from the beginning of the year, so maximal difference will be 365 days.

In your case, the real gap may be 62 days or 427 days or even 792 days (2 * 365 + 62).