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Hello Traders,

We have 10 new symbols added to the Historical Forex Data application.

The full symbols list is as follows:

Forex symbols

   AUDCAD - Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar - New
   AUDCHF - Australian Dollar / Swiss Frank - New
   AUDJPY - Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen
   AUDNZD - Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar
   AUDUSD - Australian Dollar / US Dollar
   CADJPY - Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen - New
   CHFJPY - Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen - New
   EURAUD - Euro / Australian Dollar - New
   EURCAD - Euro / Canadian Dollar - New
   EURCHF - Euro / Swiss Franc
   EURGBP - Euro / British Pound
   EURJPY - Euro / Japanese Yen
   EURUSD - Euro / US Dollar
   GBPAUD - British Pound / Australian Dollar - New
   GBPJPY - British Pound / Japanese Yen
   GBPUSD - British Pound / US Dollar
   NZDUSD - New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar
   USDCAD - US Dollar / Canadian Dollar
   USDCHF - US Dollar / Swiss Franc
   USDJPY - US Dollar / Japanese Yen


   BRENT.CMD - Brent Crude Oil (USD) - New
   XAGUSD - Silver (USD)
   XAUUSD - Gold (USD)

Crypto Currencies

   BTCUSD - Bitcoin / US Dollar
   ETHUSD - Ethereum / US Dollar


   GBR.IDX/GBP - FTSE 100 (London) - New
   USA30.IDX/USD - Dow Jones 30
   USA500.IDX/USD - S&P 500 - New

I'm starting work on the integration of this service in Forex Strategy Builder Professional from the next week.

Trade safe!

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Keep it up Miroslav! Great work!

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Re: Added Ten New Symbols

Hi Popov can you add NASDAQ 100 index (NDX) to historical data please.

Forex has low volatility high commissions , high slippage and high spreads . making it impossible to trade lower timeframes while NASDAQ 100 has good volatility that we can cover commissions and make good cash on lower timeframes on daily basis.. smile

NASDAQ 100 is better than s&p 500 and forex , learned it the hard way..

Re: Added Ten New Symbols

> Hi Popov can you add NASDAQ 100 index (NDX) to historical data, please.

Yes, I'll do it.

I started collecting the data. It can be online on Monday.

Re: Added Ten New Symbols

Added NASDAQ 100 to Download Historical Forex Data

I'll add it in EA Studio's Premium Data Feed soon.

Re: Added Ten New Symbols

Value you give is very high thank you so much.

Re: Added Ten New Symbols

Hi Popov.  Would it be possible to add the GBPCAD to the premium data.  I am trying to trade the EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, CAD. Ideally I need each currency to be represented evenly across the 10 pairs (5 currencies) but can't achieve this without the GBPCAD.