Topic: working with Portfolios

case: We made portfolio including 2 or more experts, and exported as mq4 file... after some time if i need to optimize again or need to analyze something where from i will upload that portfolio back into site, to analyze again that portfolio or re-optimize.....?

in strategy i am having option "import EA back...."
when i upload my portfolio mq4 file, I dont get complete portfolio, i get only one strategy..

Question: How can i get my portfolio back in generator site, and re-optimize it or analyze it....?

Re: working with Portfolios


Do always keep your collection file for your Portfolio Expert if you want to import it back to view your strategies.  However do bear in mind when you view them in Collection file, all the magic number may not be the same as your original PE (unless you are using the same data set and period, assuming the calculation of the net profit would result to the same original result.  However I'm not entirely certain about this assumption).

Another way to retrive your EA to analysis it by magic number is to read more from this post link