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I hope in the new version
Add choice "not"



Not to buy when the rsi  >50  is above 50

I think .There will be a large area of options . AND IT IS Good idea TOO

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NOT buy when RSI > 50
Allow buy when RSI < 50 AND allow sell when RSI > 50

We already have that option:
The RSI is lower than the Level line. Level = 50

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Another request

Because the large number of conditions
if there is encapsulated with the orders


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I am not sure what exactly you mean. Can you please explain further?

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A good strategy requires a lot of conditions
      Is there a way to collect a set of conditions or Indicators  in one name  To make trade easier in  both fsb and fst
  like :
Compile a set of terms to represent the direction name  "Trend way " And another group that represents the point of sale and  buy name "inter  or exit "
            Making strategic and named then  used as an indicator

hope you get  my point

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You did a great job you … indicator/
Used Just in backtest
Is there a way to collect indicators in the indicator or name

For live  trading

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One may make a Super Custom Indicator, which comprases criteria from several indicators. A custom indicator can easily call all standart indicators, therefore it must be an easy task.
If I have time, I may compose an example some day.

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I've tried to make this, but there are only 4 List Parameters and 6 Numeric Parameters, so you quickly run out of parameter spaces. Is there a way around this? Maybe, it could load a .txt file with all of the parameters?

For a Super Custom Indicator, I've seen with the Shipping indicators you can instantiate them in another indicator, eg in Oscillator of ATR:

Average_True_Range ATR1 = new Average_True_Range(slotType);

Is it possible to instantiate a custom indicator like this? I have tried but not been able. I'm not too familiar with full apps. Do I need to compile my custom indicators as a .dll or something?

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For now, only the integrated indicatos can be instantiated.

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At present
If there is a way

There is no need to add Indicato OR Super Custom Indicator
Repackaging .only establish the conditions in the package name

FOR Example
macd line > 0
macd siginle higher than MACD LINE

     Have  choice
This set of conditions
Placed in   ONE name TO  make it  easy

Will facilitate much of the arrangement
Thank you for your interest