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Topic: Change Portfolio Expert numbering & add Extract Strategy Function

Hi Popov,

The Collection file's ranking of Strategy is different from the Portfolio Expert ranking of strategies.

Each Collection Page contains 10 Strategies, ie. Strategy 1-10 but the Portfolio Expert labelled Strategies from 0-9

I know this is small issue but I was just trying to identify and extract my Strategies from the Collection files based on MT4 Tracker's results.

For example the EA I wanted to extract are 90012, 90045, 90087, 90098 etc

I go to the Collection folder, each page contains 10 Strategies.

I accidentally extract the 12th, 45th, 87th strategies so forth.  Then I realised that in Portfolio numbering system didn't start with 1 (900001) but instead it starts with "0" (900000)

So instead of extracting the number 12th, 45th, 87th, 68th etc strategies, I have to remind myself to add "1" to all these numbering system so that I can extract the 13th, 46th, 88th, 99th etc strategies (taking into account that the numbering of these strategies starts with 0 instead of 1.  So my number 100th strategy is labelled as 99 eg 900099

This is a small issue but yet it can cos unnecessary confusion and I've to constantly ensure I don't extract the wrong strategy, constantly doing the mental sum to add "1" to all my strategies numbering to coincide with the Collection files ranking

Kindly do change the Portfolio Expert number system so that the 1st strategy is label as "1" instead of "0".  Sometimes simple things can make a big difference.  And improve users experience with the product, user friendly.

PS: if you can also just add the numbering next to each strategies, that would prevent the need for me to count the strategies from the top or bottom just to make sure I got the number 5th strategy right.

Urgent Request: Also, kindly still look into ways I can extract my Strategies from the Portfolio Expert because the Validator still don't pass some of the strategies that I want to keep and review their rules (and use them as Preset Indicator).  Now I've Top 25 very good performing strategies and I can't access/extract them out from Portfolio Expert because there is no way I can import it back without the Validator deleting them and prevented them from ascended to the Collection folder.  Please this is very important to me.

I managed to extract two good strategies out (somehow Validator managed to passed these 2) and I used one of them as Preset Indicator to Generate new Collections and I tested them out (demo testing) and these Preset Generated Strategies perform better and I'm getting good results from it (EA starting with 941, the sad thing is, I can't extract many of these excellent strategies again...)

What's the point of having EA Studio, to generate and search for you good Strategies and eventually when I finally found good strategies, I can't use them because the Validator prevent me from accessing it and there is no "function" to re-import strategies from Portfolio Expert (intact).


It is very sad, staring at these good results and yet can't extract these Strategies out one by one.  It's like standing right on top of a pot of gold buried underneath but don't have the tools to extract and retrieve these precious gold.  Standing there, reminiscing and hoping someone kind enough to provide me the tools to dig out the gold. sad

Out of the Top 25 performing EA, only 1 of my own (magic number 4111413) FSB Pro manually  built EA made it to the top, the rest were all EA Studio Generated Strategies.  I must say I'm very impressed and happy with the results.  Seem like I can retire making my own EA and just let EA Studio do it's job.  So happy this day has come (in the past, my manually build EA did better than the Generated ones).  Excellent work Popov, keep it up.

Re: Change Portfolio Expert numbering & add Extract Strategy Function

I am thinking that a facility where we could put a unique identifier on each strategy so they can be extracted.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Change Portfolio Expert numbering & add Extract Strategy Function

Iā€™d love to see EA Studio to be able to reimport a portfolio and label each strategy by its magic number. Then have the ability to re export the portfolio and each strategy keep its magic number.

For me this is a HUGE limitation of using portfolios as we cannot assess portfolios on a strategy basis.

Re: Change Portfolio Expert numbering & add Extract Strategy Function

with mt4  tracker it is ok, but in ea studio import would be gigantic

Re: Change Portfolio Expert numbering & add Extract Strategy Function

Steve has very limited time, he is operating a business. I have an idea that the EA Studio ea's may be complex for him to work on considering his regular workload and family.

There is not much money in the projects he has completed, he more or less donated his time because he was grateful for Popov's work to deliver FSBPro.

He would have to receive major money to do much more and that is unlikely to happen.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....