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AUD/CAD: Fundamental Review & Forecast

Decreasing oil prices was the only factor that negatively impacted the CAD but now the deals in favor of the CAD seem the most effective.
The uptrend formed in October continues, but is losing its intensity. The trend was formed under the influence of a number of factors, the main of which was the sharp decline in oil prices, which is why the Canadian dollar was under pressure because the Canadian economy depends on oil exports and oil value.
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Partnership program
We invite you to register in the SuperForex Affiliate Program and start receiving income from the involved traders. The purpose of this program is the joint and mutually beneficial promotion of our brand.
We offer the following conditions:

- Up to 75% commission - one of the highest commission levels on the market!
- Reliability of tracking of partner engagements
- 6-level referral program
- High conversion - about 30% of site visitors are registered and about 15% of them start trading.
- A convenient partner office that allows you to track clicks and trade with partner links in real time
- Availability of a partnership program manager

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Is There Hope for Brexit?

May's attempts to get a better deal from the EU have failed.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we have to acknowledge that Brexit continues to be a topic that dominates both our news feeds, and the financial markets in general, as analysts try to anticipate what would happen after the March 29 deadline with Europe, the United Kingdom, and the British pound, among other things.

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New Year Bonus
The end-of-the-year holidays are quickly approaching! To help you celebrate them by garnering extra trading funds and hopefully extra profits, we would like to introduce you to our newest limited offer: the 100% New Year’s Bonus.

This bonus will be available for everyone who makes a deposit between $100 and $1000 in the period from December 15 until January 15. The amount of the bonus sum you receive to your account will be 100% of the deposit you’ve made, meaning you get twice the amount of funds. As per the standard for most bonuses, the bonus funds are not withdrawable and are intended to be used for trading. You can withdraw the profit earned from trading with the bonus.

For a full description of the New Year’s bonus, please check its page in the Client’s Cabinet.

To claim the bonus, please contact our support team after you’ve made a deposit.

Thank you for choosing SuperForex. Happy holidays!

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IB Camping

To strengthen friendships, our company annually organizes various events for partners. This year such an event took place in Port Dickson. Exclusively for this event we rented our own villa, so that nothing interfered with our partners as they were able to relax and chat with their colleagues. All participants got into the relaxing atmosphere of this informal event.

One of the main goals of this event was to acquaint the partners with innovations in the field of digital marketing, as well as to talk about the possibilities of attracting customers and prospects for joint work.

After the end of our guests' speeches, the entertainment program in the form of contests began, in which valuable prizes could be won.

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Europe Prepares for Brexit

A no-deal Brexit seems more and more likely by the day.
In the United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May continues to try to convince enough members of Parliament to support her deal with the European Union, as there won’t be another one offered.
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What to Expect from the Fed in 2019

A new rate hike was just implemented, but what lies ahead?
Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Federal Reserve has taken a very careful approach to regulating the American economy. A few years ago they saw signs that the United States are improving, shaking off the damage done by the crisis, and so the Fed began to gradually increase interest rates in accordance with inflation growth.
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Merry Christmas

Thank you for being a customer at our company. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals, and we look forward to contributing to your success in 2019. In appreciation of our association during the past year, everyone at (your company name) extends our very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.
Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

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OIL (CL/WTI): Fundamental Review and Forecast

Oil is still in search of the price minimum of the year. Amid negative sentiments on the market, it is unlikely that prices will be restored quickly. However, in the long term the deals to BUY seem the most effective.
The rapid downward trend formed in October 2018 continues. A few months ago almost nobody assumed a drop in prices below $50, but this psychological mark was successfully overcome after a month of testing.
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Seminar in Nigeria

On December 22 we held our new seminar in Nigeria.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this event. We hope that you found this seminar helpful and learned something that will help you improve your profit-making strategy in the future, as well as that you made new contacts in your local Forex community.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events - we hope to see you again on seminars next year!

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The Year in Review: 2018

A look back at the key events of this year.

As another year is around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at some of the most important developments in 2018, since the future is always influenced by the past. Here are some of the major topics that had investors at the edge of their seats this year.

Trade Wars
Hardly anyone would argue that the trade war that Donald Trump started by unilaterally imposing tariffs on imports from other countries is likely the most defining event in terms of economics in 2018. With countries responding with tariffs on their own in retaliation, most notably from China, this year’s trade wars officially began. The full impact of the trade dispute is far from clear, but even a few months into the tariffs, growth started slowing down globally, struggling markets suffered even worse losses, and the demand for oil dropped as industrial activity staggered.

The United States and China agreed to a temporary (90-day) truce to last between January and March 2019, during which they would not impose further tariffs on each other and focus on negotiations instead. However, as the two countries engaged in such talks on and off multiple times in 2018 to no avail, investors are not exactly optimistic about the two leading economies managing to resolve all of their crucial differences in such a short amount of time.

The Crisis of Developing Markets
Developing countries such as Argentina and Turkey had a very rough year. As is the case with many such economies, they have large international debts in USD. But with the economic climate improving constantly in the United States, the Federal Reserve had to hike rates four times this year alone. This led to a very strong dollar, making developing countries’ debts worth way more than they used to be. Argentina had to ask for a bailout by the IMF, while Turkey’s lira crashed dramatically.

Even stronger economies, such as Europe’s Italy and France, have a dark shadow of stagnant growth looming over their shoulder in this economic climate.

The issue of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union has been on investors’ minds for over a year now, but with the March 29 deadline approaching fast and no deal in sight, it has become a particularly hot topic. The UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May even survived a vote of no confidence which came after she delayed the vote on the deal she negotiated with the European Union, once it became clear how strongly the UK Parliament opposes this agreement. The EU has not offered anything better and a vote on this deal will happen in January, though a win is not likely. In that case the United Kingdom will have 21 days to offer a new deal. Nevertheless, the European Union has been firm in their terms, so there isn’t much else the United Kingdom might bring forward to the discussion table that the bloc might consider.

The biggest problem with Brexit has been that the politicians pushing for the leave vote expected to have a perfect Brexit, negotiate the best possible conditions whereby the United Kingdom gets to enjoy the benefits of the EU (free access to their single market, etc.) without any of the negatives (free movement of people), which was never a real possibility in reality. The European Union wants to make this divorce difficult to discourage any other member states from thinking about leaving.

At this moment in time, a no deal Brexit seems the most likely. This makes the United Kingdom a major source of uncertainty in Europe.

Oil Prices Collapse
Oil prices were climbing steadily in 2017 and this year managed to reach levels from 2014 near $80. However, the lower demand due to the economic slowdown in many countries and the trade war between the US and China, as well as the United States’ continued effort to increase oil production led to another state of oversupply on the market. OPEC members managed to agree earlier this month on another production cut, but unfortunately, this did not stabilize prices much. This week oil slumped below $50, undoing most of the hard work of the past two years to increase oil prices.

In other words, 2018 was quite a busy year, but it seems many of the trends started this year are yet to produce results, so we need to look to 2019 for their resolution.

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Results of the year

Summing up the year is a good and useful tradition. Everyone remembers their achievements at the end of the year. For our company, as a Forex broker, the main criterion of efficiency is the feedback from our customers and partners!

In 2018 SuperForex once again achieved almost all of its ambitious goals, and we are very proud of these achievements. First of all, there has been a strengthening in our presence in the African and Asian markets. This success was facilitated by the launch of new services, contests, and the updating of our bonus program, as well as the increasing loyalty of traders through holding their own training seminars in various countries.

We also want to thank all 250,000 SuperForex customers for their trust. For our part, we will try to do everything possible to make their trading more comfortable and their profits greater.

Achievement of the year
First of all, we would like to highlight our seminars as one of the main indicators of the effective work of the company. This year we held more than 40 seminars. We want to extend our sincere thanks to all active partners who helped us in organizing these events.

Another very cool thing that we launched this year is the possibility of opening an account in your local currency. Currently this is available for 6 currencies, but we plan to add at least the same amount next year.

In 2018 we launched:

Double Bonus
We have developed a bonus that is not launched on an ongoing basis, but will coincide with certain holidays. Many of our clients managed to use this bonus and we received a lot of positive feedback. In this regard, we plan to continue to run this bonus program.

Merging Trading Accounts
Thanks to this function you will be able to combine all your accounts. This means you won’t have to log out from one account in order to check what is going on with another one.

New Payment Systems
In 2018 we expanded our list of supported payment systems and improved the conditions of depositing and withdrawing funds for the existing ones. In 2018 we began a cooperation with many electronic payment systems, including such well-known services as Payza, CashU, PaySec, OnlineNaira and SticPay.

New MLP Program
We have updated the conditions of our popular Multi-level Partnership Program to make it more competitive and beneficial for everyone.

Crypto Account
We have launched this account for traders who enjoy cryptocurrency trading. Since the price of cryptocurrencies in the world fluctuates often, you can earn both on growth and on falling rates in Forex.

Holy Apples Contest
After three rounds of the competition, we received a lot of positive feedback. We awarded 3 iPhone X, 7 Xiaomi Redmi 5 and 50 T-shirts to the the winning participants.

ForexGP Contest
We launched an amazing contest for Forex copy masters and followers which were associated with a large update of the Forex copy system. We offer all of our customers the chance to win an incredible Kawasaki Ninja 250r.

Super IB Challenge
This is this year’s biggest competition for partners. Over the course of six months our partners have the chance to compete for the title of Super Partner with the top reward for partner being an Apple iPad Pro.

Coupon Bonus
This bonus was developed for our new partners, as it allows the use of bonus funds to attract new traders to their affiliate group. It can also be used as a reward for the most active traders.

Super IB Bonus
To make the work of our dedicated partners easier and profitable, we have prepared a special bonus for them. The Super IB bonus is an offer that will allow partners to increase the loyalty of their affiliate group by encouraging traders for their successful trading. As a result, satisfied traders will trade even more.

We are pleased that we made this journey together with you, our customers and partners. After all, we have improved our services, introduced new programs, and reached new heights - all of this we did in order to provide you with a superior trading experience.

The failure of the year
In 2018, we did not have time to completely update our website.
This is not about a banal design change, but about a completely redesigned service that combines informational, educational, and interactive components. We have changed the concept and the technical task almost five times. The final version will finally be implemented at the beginning of 2019, although customers can already preview some pages and functionality. After all, it’s normal when something goes wrong. It happens to everyone. Sometimes you just need to take a pause, look back, determine what the problem is, and conquer peaks with new ideas.

Goals for 2019
We plan to implement many features that might seem ambitious, but in fact we have even more ideas than this, which we’d love to discuss with you further in 2019.

New Countries
We plan to enter new country markets, so that a large number of people have the opportunity to trade with us.

New Language Versions
We strive to make our service as convenient as possible for all our customers, so we plan to add the following language versions: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hindi, Urdu, and others.

ECN Account
The ECN account is one of the most comfortable options for trading, so trading in this case is carried out on the Non-Dealing Desk system. You will be able to trade with the help of special electronic systems that transfer your applications to the foreign exchange market with maximum speed.

Membership Club
We are planning to launch a special Membership Club for clients who want to trade with more loyal conditions.

Personal Cabinet Update
Registered users are waiting for even more additional functionalities. We hope that the updated cabinet will be innovative, smart, modern, and most importantly - convenient.

Mobile Application Update
Next year we will update our mobile application, which will become much simpler and allow you to use many innovative services. For developing a new application, we consider the functionality that our customers most often use. In the design of the application, preference is given to simplicity and convenience for the user. The new mobile application will take the most used services to the forefront, while the client will also have a personal cabinet with full functionality.

You can always suggest ideas on how to optimize our customer contact by getting in touch with us.

Thank you for being with us for another year!

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Yen Surges after Market Scare

Apple shares dropped massively, sending investors scrambling.
Last night the Japanese yen experienced a flash crash, whereby it rose in price dramatically in a very short period of time. The rapid increase was due to international traders suddenly trying to buy the yen as a safety asset after news from Apple Inc. that their profits shrank in December much more than anticipated.
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We want to remind you that the ForexGP competition is still going on. The main prize is a Kawasaki Ninja 250r.

To win this prize you need to register in the Forex Copy system and become either a master or a follower.
Then everything is very simple: trade and get tickets for every 5 traded lots. At the end of the competition a lottery will be held, during which we will choose the winning ticket. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning, you need to trade more.

Besides the main prize - the Kawasaki Ninja 250r, we have prepared some other valuable gifts for the other participants:
- Honda PCX
- Samsung Galaxy S9+
- Samsung Galaxy S9
- Samsung Galaxy Watch (46 mm)
- Samsung Galaxy Watch (42 mm)

The competition is held from October 19 to April 19, so hurry up and register to win prizes!
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NZD/USD: Review & Forecast

The NZD doesn't have enough support for strengthening. The deals to SELL seem to be the most effective at the moment.
The rates continue within the downtrend in favor of the USD. The New Zealand dollar continues to be under pressure due to the economic downturn in New Zealand and the trade conflict between China and the USA, which affected the NZD most as a commodity currency.
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SuperIB challenge

Many partners already know about the partners' contest from SuperForex, which has been held since 2018. For anyone who does not know, we want to introduce our SuperIB Challenge - become a Super Partner and win an Apple iPad Pro!

The only parameter for determining the winners is the commission earned from your referrals (the clients that the partner has attracted to the company). There are no requirements for the minimum number of referrals, their volume of trade or investment. It can be as simple as one "large" referral, or a lot of "small" ones. There are also no requirements for the referral deposit size and the duration of transactions (in time and in points).

The purpose of the competition is for you to show the maximum in-out in your affiliate group.

All prizes:
1st Place - $20000 net sales from contest period
Apple IPad Pro

2nd Place - $10000 net sales from contest period
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

3rd Place - $6000 net sales from contest period
Samsung Gear VR

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Trump vs. the Shutdown

For three weeks now the conflict over the US budget has been ongoing.
Although articles by different news agencies have tiptoed around it in their work on the topic, there is no other way to put it, really: President Trump is holding the US government hostage. In a situation which has been going on since late December, Donald Trump continues to stall the efforts of Congress to pass a budget to fund governmental activities for 2019. Here is the what, how, and why of it all.
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Futures update

We are happy to let you know that our catalog of futures available for trading has been updated! You can now find more instruments that you can take advantage of and employ in your strategies for making a profit.

As older futures contracts expire, we have added new ones valid for 2019 that you can trade on. In total, we have added 27 new contracts that cover various raw materials and are valid for the period of March-April this year. Here is a detailed list of instruments that have been updated:

Futures Energy:
#HOG9, # HOH9, #QGG9, #QGH9, #QMG9, #QMH9, #QBZG9, #QBZH9, #XBZJ9, #XRBG9, #XRBH9,
Futures Agro:
#HEG9, #HEJ9, #ZCH9, #ZLH9, #ZMH9, #ZSH9, #LEG9, #LEJ9, #ZWH9
Futures Goods:
#CCH9, #CTH9, #LBSH9, #KCH9, #JOH9,
Futures Metals:
#GCH9, #HGG9

We hope that you can discover a new, exciting profit opportunity with futures trading. Good luck!

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EUR/AUD: Fundamental Review & Forecast

The price correction is going to be over and the deals on the trend seem the most effective.
The quotes continue within the upward trend in favor of the euro. Both currencies were under pressure last year: the euro due to economic slowdown and political problems, the AUD due to the pressure of the US-China trade conflict and the economic downturn. Overall, today it is difficult to find a country that would demonstrate strong economic growth.
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SuperForex Seminars

We hold Forex training seminars which help everyone to understand the topic and achieve better trading results in the future. We hold seminars in various countries and cities. You can find the exact date, time, and venue of the seminars in the news feed - all the relevant information will be indicated there.

Our seminars give you many advantages:

1. You are trained by a highly-qualified trader with extensive trading experience;
2. All of our seminars are free;
3. You get to make new valuable acquaintances and subsequently exchange experience;
4. You can win valuable prizes & much more!

In order not to miss our upcoming seminars, we inform our clients via e-mail. You can familiarize yourself with past seminars on our website.
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The Chaos of Brexit

May's deal failed, the government survived the vote of no confidence, but what happens now?
This week we must return to the topic of Brexit once again, since the United Kingdom is dangerously close to the March 29 deadline with no deal in sight, and this is leaving way too many questions open for investors. Let’s take a look at what we know about the UK’s exit from the European Union.
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Local currencies

To ensure you can make the most of your trading career with us and always enjoy convenient services from SuperForex, we have added more ways for you to use your local currency to charge your account.

First of all, accounts from all countries can now use the British pound (GBP) as their base currency (aside from the USD and EUR).

Furthermore, if you reside in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates you could also charge your account in your local currency (IDR, MYR, NGN, ZAR, AED, respectively). Deposits and withdrawals in these local currencies will be facilitated by our Local Depositors in those countries.

We hope this would make your work with us smoother and easier!
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GBP/USD Technical Analysis

The pair is on the rise.
After last week’s vote on the confidence in the government Theresa May, she remained as Prime Minister and the British pound began to strengthen.
The dollar index is also strengthening, and since yesterday's trading session it has returned above the 96.00 mark.
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Video Analytics

EUR/USD - We expect the price to reach the marks of 1.1305 and 1.1280.

GBP/USD - We see an increase and an update of local maxima.

AUD/USD - We recommend taking short positions from the 0.7150 level.

USD/CAD - We see that the MA intersects

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GBP/USD Technical Analysis

The pair is adjusted
Since the beginning of today's trading session the dollar index returned above the level of 96.00 and shows a moderate growth, rising to the maximum values of the current month.
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