Topic: how to utilize Repository EAs

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I looked but  could not find it, I would like to test some of the EA in the repository, but all I have and am using is MT4, i looked at some of the code and it not what I was expecting

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Re: how to utilize Repository EAs

A strategy (i.e. EA) is first loaded into FSB Pro from the Repository and then Exported.

When you Export a strategy (from the main menu select "Strategy / Export Expert Advisor to MT4/5") then FSB Pro will generate the corresponding *.mq4 file.

You then compile the *.mq4 within MetaEditor, which creates the executable *.ex4 file.

The *.ex4 is the Expert Advisor that you then run within MT4.

Re: how to utilize Repository EAs

I am sorry I am confused, I only have MT4 is there anyway I can an FSB program? am I required to attain software to convert it to an EA?

Re: how to utilize Repository EAs

The "Repository" is part of the FSB program.  So, yes, -- you need need to install FSB to to access its Repository.  After installing FSB you would then:

1. Load a strategy from its repository.
2. Generate *.mq4 code -- that can subsequently be compiled by MetaEditor (and executed in MT4).