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Topic: Expert Advisor Studio is too fast!

Of course, this topic is a joke :-) It is a mere expression of how blown away I am with EA Studios backtest speeds. On my Threadripper 1950X, by running 32 instances of Expert Advisor Studio (as I have 32 threads on this CPU) in a special Chromium build, I can create about 26 million strategies in 12 hours on 32(!) years of H4 history data. This beats ANY other system generator out there that I´ve tested BY FAR (and I have to say FSB Pro as well by a great margin). Additionally, the RAM usage is at just ~1.2GB / Chromium instance when doing that, which is very low too!

So KUDOS to Mr. Popov for having created the fastest strategy generator EVER :-)

Another example: I am currently validating 135 strategies with the Validator on 28 pairs (via "Multi Market"), each pair has 32 years of H4 history data. This takes about 3 minutes and that is one ONE core (of course). Oh my, basically just wanted to say THANKS and keep up the good work :-)