Topic: Strategy in x days and x hours


I need implement strategy in X days periods and x hours.

For example:

indicators: RSI > X level buy long
days: Tuesday to Friday
Hours interval: To 10 to 13 and to 17 to 20

is possible that in FSB?

is possible trading only Tuesday at 15 to 16 send buy or sell without indicators?

Thank you very much, Jaime.

Re: Strategy in x days and x hours

I think I can create your strategy by:

Days -- set first slot to "Bar Closing", then add "Day of Week". Lets you set Tuesday to Friday.

Hours -- add 2 slots of "Entry Time". Set the first as "From: 10  To: 20", the second as "From: 17  To: 13".

RSI -- add RSI indicator.

Try the strategy attached, I've used Stop Limit for the exit. Hope that helps.

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