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Topic: How did you start get strategys?


i like to know how you start generating strategys. Did you have bar closing and bar opening locked everytime?what you do in your acceptance criteria? how long did you let the generator running 60mins enough? what your data bars maximum or not? Whats with Out of sample?

Re: How did you start get strategys?

I think this strongly depends on person to person. Everyone has to develop his own way. I am quite skeptical and therefore I take a base that I trust. I have been looking for a strategy based on Ichimoku indicator for several weeks now. Currently FSB Pro is running on a strategy. I put the counter to 10000 with a number of indicators that are blocked and I know that something will certainly come out during this weekend. My objective is to develop a long-term strategy. I occasionally look at the results but I'll let it run the whole weekend. In addition, I have another EA that I developed as well with the Ichimoku indicator as base, but it is only valid for short duration. For that, I had to a couple of days. Generation took a couple of hours and I optimized it within a few days. All based on relatively few data (30000 bars on M15) Hence, since my EA is based on less data this will not continue to run forever. I leave it live for two to three weeks and then it's time to change. If I test this EA on much more data then I will inevitably get a big loss. As far as I experienced with FSB, good results can be achieved. It may not come without some practice and everyone has his own way here. On the forum you will find a lot. As I'm not the best, I can only say this. Let the game run without too many conditions and after half day or even after a couple of hours you'll see nice strategies appear. Also, I never used OOS first. OSS is a great tool. Try it.