Topic: Would you be willing to custom modify for a another data source?


I was looking for a backtest program that could be used with data generated by Vantage Point Software. There are currently 2 versions of "VP" 6.4 and 7.0. The data would be daily data from excel Spread Sheets. There are approximately 30 data items (columns) in the file.

We have been backtesting with excel and paper, but neither work very well. We would like to use the columns in the "excel sheet" as the basis for the strategies.

VantagePoint uses several predicted indicators to forecast the market including:
Predicted Moving Averages
Predicted MacD
Predicted RSI
Predicted Stochastics

We recently got our own forum at
We also had a thread at until we moved to the above url

What we would need is our own data input, and our own open/close logic based on the data in the spreadsheet columns.

Your program looks like an excellent vehicle to test our strategies.

If you are not interested in supporting these enhancements, would you be willing to give us the source so that we might build these additions our selfs?

Hope you will consider this



Re: Would you be willing to custom modify for a another data source?

If you can manually transfer the file from one window program to another. Maybe this Macro Genius 1 ( ) can automate the whole process for you and its free.