Topic: using ta-lib indicators

I've read a post about using ta-lib indicators in forexsb, but I can't make them work. I don't know if it is bacause the post was written long time ago and something has changed in fsb since then or it is simply I'm doing something wrong because I don't understand the instructions well. This is the post I'm talking about:

I wanted to know if some of you are working with ta-lib indicators and if you could help me configuring forexsb to be able to use them. The indicators are calculated inside a dll and I thought it might be possible to use them inside forexsb. How should I configure everything to be able to use them?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: using ta-lib indicators

There is no an easy way to use them.

If you need a specific indicator, it is much simpler to modify some of ours or to create a new one based on a similar FSB indicator.

Our indicators comprise trading rules, which are not available in the other.

However, because you ask for new indicators in your first post, you probably do not understand the purpose of FSB Pro. The program is able to generate so great variety of combinations with the standard indicators, that you will need millions of years to calculate them all.

We usually restrict the indicators set when search strategies for a particular market. Adding more indicators only makes the strategy generation process slower.

Re: using ta-lib indicators

I have been using FSBPro for quite a while and I am not seeing a need for any more indicators. There may be a couple that I am unaware of that we could use, but for most purposes, we have more than enough.

FSBPro uses arithmetic for its calculations, the indicators included do all sorts of calculations because they have so many options within each one.

I have contented myself that FSBPro does a sufficient range of calculations to cover what is needed to generate profitable strategies.

BUT. if there is something that the software is missing, I will be glad to support a request for that.

SO...... regarding your request to add these indicators......... if you can show a math calculation that one of those inidcators could provide and that is missing from FSBPro, and would enhance strategy creation, please document that.

I am sure that will take many hours of work. and probably will not provide much in the way of benefit.

As you gain experience with FSBPro you will see that the bases are covered well, there is an infinite number of possibilities available, it takes many, many hours to see what is available in that generator and the library of indicators.

With all of the experience that I have with this software, I still have not used all of the tools. There are features in this software that I have yet to study.

In conclusion........ open up the software, investigate the various options for each indicator and attempt to cobble together what ever you need.


Re: using ta-lib indicators

The indicators in FSBPro have been set up so that we can modify them ourselves.....

For example... Donchian Channel....

I do not want to be using a range of 100 or 200 bars.... so I made a couple of my own Donchian indicators with ranges of 5 to 20  and 20 to 40......... a 100 bar range is too long for my purposes.....

At one time I wanted an RSI greater than 300. so I made one......

Each aspect of these indicators, in most cases, can be modified to suit.

I like to keep things really simple....... so I have only two types of trades..... range breakout and trend..... I do not think there are a lot more trades available in most markets.

Each time frame is either ranging or trending.

Knowing that. how many indicators do I need...?

I know that I do not need moving averages over 80. so I made some different length moving average indicators.

I like to use Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, I am not sure why, maybe it is the name......  One of the trading guys who writes on the net suggests doubling the settings and I had some success with his idea. so I made one....

And I have a bunch more, I just turn them on and off when appropriate.

So......... there is so much that you can do with the indicators included in FSBPro.