Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v2.11.0.0

Forex Strategy Builder v2.11.0.0

    * All Stop Loss values are positive numbers. Changed indicators: Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop Limit, Stop Loss, Stop Limit.
    * The minimum value of Permanent Stop Loss and Permanent Take Profit were changed to 5 pips.
    * The maximum value of all Stop Loss and Take Profit indicators were changed to 5000 pips.
    * Changed indicators fix for "jumping price". Affected indicators: Steady Bands, Bollinger Bands, Starc Bands, Keltner Channel, Envelopes, Donchian Channel, Moving Average.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.11.0.0

Hi Popov.
Great software!
Can I download the previous version? Can print out the logic behind the strategy?
I had just started developing a strategy based on Bollinger Bands which took $2K to $6,866 over 3 months. I installed the newest version and profit dropped to $6,296.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.11.0.0

The calculation of "jumping price" in previous versions were wrong. Before the formula was:

if (indicator[t-1] < low[t-1] and indicator[t] > high[t]) entry[t] = open[t];

In that case the previous bar was above the previous indicator value and the current bar is below the indicator. (The price jumps below the indicator.) The price doesn't touch the indicator but we don't want to miss the entry so we make the entry equal to the bar opening price.

The problem in real trade is that we don't know the bar's high / low prices before its end. That's why we corrected the formula to:

if (indicator[t-1] < low[t-1] and indicator[t] > open[t]) entry[t] = open[t];

Can print out the logic behind the strategy?

You can print the strategy overview.
If you want to copy your strategy in the forum, use Strategy - Publish menu.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.11.0.0

smile Thanks.

Somewhere I read not to over optimize a strategy. What do you suggest? >N times?

When I load and scan bars, I get MQ 50.0. What does that mean or is it something to worry about?

What are the yellow lines on the graph that you can barely see?

Awesome software. It must be a labor of love because there is a ton of work you have done.