Topic: Consecutive Losing trades

What is acceptable for losing trades......

Does anyone have any number that people use as a guide......

Any criteria......?

Thank you

Re: Consecutive Losing trades

I'm using 6. I plan my positions to withstand safely to 10 consecutive losses and 5, 6 losses must not be a problem.

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Ok,, Thanks for that..

I have been bothered by consecutive losses since day one, haha, and I finally decided to ask what others use.

I do not like equity to drop too much when the losses are happening.... but I am missing out on trades by making things too perfect.

Thanks for your reply

Re: Consecutive Losing trades

I used 5 just because I figured that's the most I could take emotionally smile

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Oyen wrote:

For me even 4-5 unsuccessfull deals are morally difficult. Immediately makes me not want to trade, and withdraw the rest of my deposit, if something is left, and quit trading. But the next morning I'm ready to start trading again, just need time to chill. But from the material point of view it's even harder.

I have felt the same, many times!

Re: Consecutive Losing trades

I sorta insulate myself by having quite a few strategies that are based on different criteria trading at the same time. I have not had much luck developing strategies that will make money and also have only one or two consecutive losses.

I think we will always be looking to improve the logic of our strategies but even with automated trading the holy grail seems to be hiding.