Topic: Another Money Management request

Hi Popov.

First of all I would like to say thanks for such a great piece of software.

One thing i would like to see implemented that has already been suggested is a simple money management system added to the account.

The current way of counting pips can be a little misleading for spotting a wining system.

If you end up with positive pips and say half the drawdown it still doesnt mean it will be a winner.

Something simple like inputing a starting balance then an option for what percentage of your account you want to place on each trade and what percentage you want to accept for stop losses.


Say you input $10,000

You lose $5000 which is 50% of your account you have to make back 100% of your account just to break even. In your system, if you lose 50 pips you only have to make back 50 pips to break even whereas in reality you would have to make back 100 pips because the pips will be worth less on a smaller account.

So again, if you input $10,000

Bet 100% of account or net asset value on each open.

Stop loss at 2% of account.

Then add or subtract the winnings taking leverage into account then we can see if our system really works.

Even better, if you create a plugin interface then we can develop our own additions then upload them to your site and you can choose whether to include them in official releases in the future or not and watch this program really take off smile

Again, thanks for a great little piece of software.


Re: Another Money Management request

Its a very good suggestion.
I'm going to add an user customizable Money Management later. 

About the plugin interface - we have to find the most comfortable format of the FSB outlet info.

What I meen is for example: if we have an array with the Emtry/Exit prices (and the type of the transaction) for each bar we can easily applay on it the money management logic or many other...

So, I can add exporting to .xls of different info to experiment.

May be something like this:

No    Date     Time  Open  High    Low    Close  Price  Lots Price  Lots  Price Lots ...
45 2007-04-20 10:15 1.3524 1.3577 1.3505 1.3556  1.3524  +1  1.3544  +1   1.3556 -2
46 2007-04-20 10:15 1.3556 1.3612 1.3523 1.3590  1.3600  +1  1.3590  -1

Re: Another Money Management request

Sounds good. Ever thought of going open source? Or are you planning on going commercial at some stage?

Re: Another Money Management request

No, FSB will be free for ever!