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I am working on developing a very simple portfolio.... most of mine are simple because I have little patience for complexity.

This strategy is based on 240 minute charts.

It uses two indicator slots..... for opening logic.  Alligator and OSMA

Stop Loss and Take Profit.

This account has $300 in it...

I am posting this so that people can see what is possible, I will not be sharing the strategy, I have already given the important details. It does not help people to learn if they are copying strategies.

I do want to share some numbers.....

I also want to share that this thing is not that great, I found a way to improve it significantly by adjusting a couple things which I will do next month when I get home.

The takeaway from this is, a couple indicator slots can provide some good return on your time and money.

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I use a broker that offers mini accounts..... ie 10,000 instead of 100,000. They also have fixed spread on the majors. all at 3 pips..

My reasoning is that I  can measure the performance of my strategies knowing that spread is constant.

I usually open an account with $100 or $300 and each account has one strategy.....  multiple instruments with the same strategy..  I have found that strategies do well one month and not so well another month...  by keeping them separate I can decide easily whether or not to stop the account from trading.

I usually withdraw the initial monies after an account has increased by the initial deposit, that allows the account to function without me worrying about losing my money.

Very few of my strategies are using a time frame less than 4 hours, reason being - I do not have to reoptimize very often.

I have found that using all of the pairs in each portfolio allows me to earn more with less risk, I learned a lesson when CHF decided  to revalue, I was lucky that I did not get scorched. Any one of these currencies can do a nasty, best to be protected.

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Back in the day, when Forex Strategy Builder was first available, I attempted to design my strategies.. I would select what I thought to be the right indicators and attempt to make a good strategy.

After a gazillion hours, I found that I can do far better by selecting one indicator in the opening logic slot and letting FSBPro do all the heavy lifting. If it comes up with something - great. and if there are no good results - then replace that slot with another. FSBPro wiil find something. This approach saves me a lot of time......

I regard the indicators in FSBPro as formulas, and I regard the generator as something that calculates these formulas attempting to find suitable results....  much different from graphic representations on a chart. This approach allows me to use whatever, I have no preferences as to what FSBPro works on, I just want to see some good ratios on the finished product.

I keep the number of slots to a minimum... easier to optimize and works in more markets. I have used three slots but I prefer two.

I did attempt multiple orders at one time, discarded that approach as I could not get  the win loss ratio to where I wanted it.  I find it difficult to avoid multiple losing trades...... having multiple entries seems to accelerate the number of losers which can be devastating.

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Mathematically sound approach, few slots - less possible combinations, bigger possibility for the generator to try most options available. Choosing the opening slot manually - again helping the gen to deliver results faster. Thumbs up, Dave!

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I have not got the solution to getting super wealthy yet...... and I am not so sure that a solution will be appearing this week.

I have noticed that the Multi Tester will not significantly improve the win loss of a strategy, so I use 0.40 or higher when generating to try to get better ratios.

I actually prefer to use 0.60 but results are often few and far between.

When optimizing I use 'System Quality Number' and the same when generating.

I feel that filter gives me good results.

Multi Markets is to me, essential...... even though it seems to be mean spirited most days . lol  I use it for different instruments and also different time frames.... I regard MultiMarkets as the most valuable tool in FSBPro even though it rarely agrees with me.

I wanted to outline my approach to FSBPro.......

I would greatly appreciate any criticism as I am quite willing to learn from the experience of others.

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I should add this.....

A few years ago I asked for a Round Number indicator to accommodate 5 digit brokers.....

Footon was quick to develop Round Number 2 Plus.

I advise anyone that wants a reliable strategy to get used to that indicator.... it gives great Win/Loss and System Quality and Profit Factor.... the three things I use for evaluation.

Keep the number of slots small and let the generator do its job.....  nice surprises await!

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Thank you for your explanations.
Where do I find the "Round Number 2 Plus"-Indicator?
Is there a place where the many different indicators in FSB are explained, e.g. to which group they belong (e.g. trendfollower) and where the work best?
I have some troubles to understand Strategies the generator creates when I do not understand the Indicators.