Topic: Saving Collections on closing of FSB

I have sometimes let FSB Pro run for few days, producing strategies into a collection. For different reasons I have to interrupt this sometimes (one reason was that one of the indicators, downloaded from Online Repository, had internal problem, Attempted to divide by zero, and I wanted to remove this indicator). As Indicator list (and code for all indicators), is loaded on start of the FSB, it is necessary to close FSB, remove the erroneous indicator from Indicator directory and restart the FSB again. It is not enough to remove indicator when FSB is running.

When closing FSB, the program will ask you if you want to save your strategy (New Strategy) before closing the FSB program. But it will not ask you if you want to save collection produced.

It happened to me few times now, that I have closed the program, loosing collections with potentially superb strategies. I am beginning to be bold of all hairs pulled out of despair.

This problem could be cured very easily – FSB has to ask if I want also to save Collection on closing of the program.

Please, make this option true!

Re: Saving Collections on closing of FSB

Oh dear Leon, I hope you hair will grow back fast smile

I agree having such option, cos it happened to me too (fortunately I've thick and long hair...can afford to lose some).