Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v3.5, with EA Code v33

Hello Traders,

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.5 comes with improved MQL code (v33) for the exported Expert Advisors.

New features:

  * The Expert Advisors exposes all strategy parameters in the Input tab of the Expert Advisor panel when you attach the EA to a MT chart. You can adjust the parameters slightly in order to make the EA working better on a specific broker. (You have to be careful to not set a parameter out of its normal range.)
  * The collection page shows the number of the passed (shown) strategies.

Fixed bugs:

  * Fixed a critical bug with “Position open below Indicator” logic rule.
  * The Multi Tester tool doesn't freeze when you run it on a folder without strategies.
  * Multi Tester “Browse” button selects the original “Strategy” folder by default.

This updated requires full installation.It guarantees the compatibility of the FSB version and the MQL code version.

Please report any issues you encounter in order to fix them as soon as possible.

Trade Safe!