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I realize that the new versions of MT4 and MT5 are incompatible with the exported EA's.

Is there any way we can know which versions of each are usable.....

Is there a way that we can be updated as to the most recent version we can use..

I am using the most recent version of FSBPro which is not working well with either MT4 or MT5.

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The latest early access   - FSB Pro v3.4.0 is coming with MQL v32.
The latest public release - FSB Pro v3.2.4 is working with MQL v27.

MetaTrader 4 build 910 has a bug in the backtester. It doesn't work.

What problems do you have?

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With the Early release MQL v32, do we have to re-export the existing EA and refresh the MT4?

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It is not necessary. There are no critical issues in the previous EA code.
The new version has improvements that provide minor fixes, code cleanup and support for future developments.

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I am getting 'array out of range' on almost every one that I work with. I guess I am doing something that is not right.

That is on MT4  version 910

On MT5 I am getting 'Error:;Actiontrade:;ManageOrderSend();Invalidpriceintherequest

for the same strategy  version 5 build 1210

I have no idea as to how to correct these......

I am using version 3.4.0

I am assuming that if the code in FSBPro is correct, then there must be incompatablity with Metatrader, and that is why I am asking about which versions we should use.

I have stopped updating Metatrader and maybe I have to wait a while before using these strategies.

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There are no known bugs in the MQL code.

MetaQuotes fixed the problem in MT4 in build 920. It was published several days ago. Probably your broker is not updated yet.

About the MT5 problem, you have to attach the strategy and we'll see it.

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I wanted to see what happens in strategy tester.

Probably is best to just attach to live charts and watch for a couple weeks as I have done in the past.

I have a feeling that strategy tester is not the best idea....