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Market Info from MetaTrader

You can easily see all market parameters of your broker. Just connect Forex Strategy Builder Professional to a chart and select the Market tab.

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Position Modification during Auto trade

You can modify a position during auto trade. To do it, select a connection (1) and choose the Order tab.
When you are on the Place Order tab, you will see the market symbol and price.

(2) Set desired Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop or Break Even in points. All parameters refers to the current market price and not to the position price.

(3) Click the Modify button. FSB Pro will send a modification command to MetaTrader and will modify the position. You will see the new position parameters in the connection panel (1).

Please note that all parameters matter. When you set zero to one of the parameters, the program will remove that protection from the position.  For example, if you set TP to zero and SL to 150, the program will remove the TP from the position and will set SL to a price that is 150 points below or above the current market price depending on the position direction.

The modification of a position during auto trade will not stop or disturb the auto trading of the strategy.

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Exporting Trader Data

You can easily export the trading data from Forex Strategy Builder Professional.

When you connect FSB Pro to a MetaTrader chart, it requests and loads all the necessary market data. The program uses the loaded data to calculate the strategy indicators and to rise signals whenever it is necessary. You can export and explore the trading data by following the next three easy steps.

1. Click on the Data tab below the connection area. It will open the Data Stats panel. You can see all statistical information for the currently loaded data.

2. Click on the Export button at the right end of the toolbar. You’ll see a File Save dialog window. Save the file with a CSV extension. CSV means a Comma Separated Value data format.

3. Open the saved file in a text editor. You can use Notepad, Notepad++, LibreOfiice Calc, MS Excel or other program.

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Trade Two Strategies on One Market

You can trade two different strategies on one market. Lets do it:

1. Open an EURUSD chart in MetaTrader and set H1 period.
2. Run MT4-FST Expert and set Connection_ID=101 and Expert_Magic=101.
3. Open another EURUSD chart and set H1 period.
4. Attach the expert to the chart, but this time set Connection_ID=102 and Expert_Magic=102. When using different  Expert_Magic numbers, FSB Pro will be able to manage the orders from different strategies on one market.
5. Open a strategy in FSB Pro, go to Trader mode and set connection ID = 101.
6. Open another strategy, go to Trader mode and set connection ID = 102.

Now you have two different strategies trading on EURUSD H1 market. Each strategy will manage its orders separately because we set different Expert_Magic numbers in the corresponding experts.

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Auto Start Trader

You can easily set the trading strategies to be loaded and connected to MT4 when you start Forex Strategy Builder Professional.

Do it by setting the Auto Start tool in Control Panel. You can access the tool from Trading -> Trader Auto Start command or by using the Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut.

If you have connected strategies, click on the "Fill in current session" command. It will set the strategies with their connection ID numbers on the text box.

When you check the "Auto start on FSB load" checkbox, these strategies will be run, connected and started for trading automatically when the program starts.