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This may be an elementary question but can someone explain to me the difference between LINKING the opening logic conditions and LOCKING the opening logic conditions. I do understand locking them, but don't understand the difference between linking and locking them. Thankyou for any info you can share.

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When a slot is Locked, Generator doesn't remove it and doesn't change indicator parameters and logic;
When a slot is Linked, Generator doesn't remove the slot and doesn't change indicator logic, but freely changes indicator parameters.
If you link all slots, Generator will work more or less as Optimizer.
Differences will be that Optimizer changes only numerical parameters, but Generator may change and list parameters of the linked slots.

Re: Linking generated slots

I am trying to change the indicator parameters for existing strategy via the generator so that I can have a better strategy. I usually do it manually for each condition/indicator and it will give me a better strategy, without changing numerical indicator of course, since I try to avoid curve fitting. The manual method works but it takes a lot of my time, about 1 hour to do it for 14 indicators (i.e. 1 Opening Point, 7 Opening Logic, 1 Closing Point and 5 Closing Logics).  For example, Opening Logic – Moving Averages Crossover, I can play around with Logic, Base price, Fast MA method and Slow MA method, using default numeric indicator values, to give me a better strategy.

Based on my understanding, the Generator is able to do it for me by testing out different combinations using “Link all slots”. I set up the generator with below setting. However, after 25k of computation, it does not yield a single strategy that is better than the current one. I'm able to find a better strategy via the manual process.

Existing Strategy
Max equity drawdown % = 5.09%
Executed Orders = 263
Win/loss ratio = 0.65

Generator setting
Max equity drawdown % = 8%
Minimum number of trades = 240
Minimum Win/loss ratio = 0.58
Use only default numeric indicator values
The remaining settings are shown on below screen.

I have attached the strategy too. Please let me know if I set up the generator correctly or have I missed out something. As always, thank you for your kind assistance.

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Re: Linking generated slots

You should not use "Use only default numeric indicator values" when all slots are "linked".
Uncheck that option and try again.

Also set Max number of slots to correspond to your strategy numbers (instead of zeroes).

Re: Linking generated slots

Thanks Mr. Popov for the quick response. I have tried it again with your suggestion but after 5000 computation, it still does not generate any strategy.

If I unchecked "Use only default numeric indicator values", will generator generate the strategy based on random number of numeric indicator values? I would like the generator to test all possible outcome of indicator paramaters but not its values. Its values should be fixed to the default value. And the generator should not try to add any new indicator to any of the slots.

Thanks for your help again.

Re: Linking generated slots

you will find that sometines you will have to wait for 40,000 or even 80,000 iterations to get a result.

At this time I have one result after 132,000 iterations. On another instance that I am currently running I have 3 results after 192,000 iterations.

Depending on what you feed the program and the criteria that you set up you could wait for quite a while.