Topic: Reciprocal is valid?

In other words, can you convert indicators from FSB (C#) in MT4 (MQL)?
At what price?

Re: Reciprocal is valid?

There is no too much sense to convert FSB indicators in mql except only for plotting on the charts.

FSB backtester and FST trader comprise sophisticated logical algorithms to improve the backtest and to make the trading safer. If you want to mimic these rules in a MT expert, you'll finally finish with FST.

Re: Reciprocal is valid?

I'm not really interesting in this topic, but when I wanted to promote FSB (MT4) on a forex forum, many participants wanted to be able to compare the results given by the FSB to those obtained by an MQL EA.
I'll post some strategies generated by the FSB, along with the source code of the indicators used, following that those who wish to write their own EA's for MT4.