Topic: TP & SL optimization

First of all, thanks for the wonderful program.
Question: Can I run optimization for both TP and SL simultaneously? Say, I have a MA cross as entry strategy and these parameters are fixed. Now I want to play with TP and SL to find their optimal proportion.
So far I only found a way to either optimize separately TP by selecting TP as closing condition, or SL by selecting SL as closing condition. Is there a way to optimize them together, or there is a limitation in the program due to some technical difficulties or whatever?
And the other question I got, EURJPY has the format 123.456. If I choose 200 as TP or SL, are those considered by the program as 2 pips or 20 pips(000.02 or 000.2)?
Thanks again, Miroslav

Re: TP & SL optimization

Now I want to play with TP and SL

Make use of "Stop Limit" indicator or "Trailing Stop Limit" one in v2.8.3.3 Beta

EURJPY has the format 123.456

Go to Market -> Edit Instrument and check the "Digits" value. It probably has to be 2.  In such a case 1 pip is 0.01 and 200 pips are 2.00.
You can see the "Point value" parameter. It shows how much is the value of one pip.

Re: TP & SL optimization

Thank you for your quick and helpful response, very much appreciated.