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Hi Popov and All

Very nicely done with the program, although its quite complex I was able to get started fooling around with it right away and thats a sign of a nice intuitive job of programming!

My strategy that Id like to test is rather simple but I have not figured out how to accomplish it yet but here goes

I have an account at FXCM so the minimum stop setting is 6, what I would like to do is backtest a series of random trades starting at the minimum stop setting and then setting a trailing stop at say a 2-1 R/R setting and then see how the trades work through at various levels, 6 stop 12 trailer 7 stop 14 trailer and so on, also the R/R could be played with as well 6 stop 14  12 stop 30 trailer etc...

Then after each test what I could do is check for how many winners, losers, breakevens and long runners occured at the various stop levels.

Just started using the program so not quite sure about how to set this up but maybe Ill figure it out eventually



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Have you tried downloading and using the free FXCM Metatrader 4 automated stategy trading program yet?

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Re: Simple Backtest Strategy


As I am on Metatrader but with another broker, I am quite curious about that tool. How easy is it to use ? I am quite lost with software programing and it seems most automated tools require some kind of programing skill.


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It depends which kind of tools you need. Usually, platforms offer you lots of tools and you don?t need any programming software. If you want to program your particular strategy and get faster methods you?d need specific software. Anyway, tools that I use fit exactly with my expectations, in fact there is still several tools that I even don?t know but I hope to do it. It is not that hard to add new customized tools according to the platform that you have. Adrian