Topic: Suggestions: date filter, journal exports, pairs, swaps

I like the program and I have some suggestions for further improvement.

It would be useful to include a date filter in the Forex Strategy Builder, so that you can select the begin and end dates of the period you want to test with.  This would make it easier to see if a strategy that you have tested over a long period is still effective for a more recent, shorter period.

A second suggestion is an export facility for the journal, for example in CSV format, with perhaps a filter to export just the trades.  That way you can do further analysis in Excel or save different backtest results.

It would be nice to be able to use additional Forex pairs besides the four majors.

I like the idea that the swap can be calculated, but the problem is that the percentage is bound to change over time. The interest differential may even reverse sign if the interest rates for one currency of the pair are first lower and then higher than that of the second pair.  Also, a setting of "1" amounts to an interest differential of about 3.6 %, which would be too much for some pairs.

Re: Suggestions: date filter, journal exports, pairs, swaps

Thanks for the suggestions zuijlen! Definitely some good ideas that you may see in the future versions of the program.
Any other suggestions are welcome but it depends on the source code whether we will be able to incorporate them in the future versions.