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Topic: Writing your own indicator

Thank you Popov for the great piece of software you've written. Are you planning to add such a feature to write your own indicators and implement them into FSB? I'd like to modify some of them or write additional ones.  If so, what programming language will it be? It's very important to me to test how my indicators will perform in cooperation with others. Could you please also explain MACD additional value: smoothing method?
Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to reading your reply.

Re: Writing your own indicator

Hi emot,
For the moment we haven't got plans for adding custom indicators, but we can add them in the FSB distribution. If yo need some special one post the logic and the formula. (if you do this now, we can publish it next week).

About the MACD smoothing method - this is the type of the moving averages used for calculating the indicator.
Simple - means MACD = Fast SMA - Slow SMA;
Exponential: MACD = FAST EMA - Slow EMA; ...

You can see here: Technical Indicators - source code